K. Monie Co


K. Monie Co is owned and operated by Takara James. The company was launched in 2014, but changed its name in 2017 to what it is currently recognized by.

With customer service always being the forefront of our online business, it is with great pride that we continue to serve our customers by carrying out their business needs.

About the Owner

"I'm Author Takara James, successful entrepreneur and owner of K. Monie Co. I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in English and have over 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship, writing, editing, and marketing. I have compiled my skills and techniques into a brand that delivers professional writing, coaching, marketing, and brand development strategies and services. I pride myself in being one of the best online business professionals who understands the importance of carrying out the vision of my customers.

You are likely visiting my website in search for a designer or professional you can trust with your vision. I'd like to encourage you and support you by offering samples of my portfolio below and share a bit of my story with you.

In 2014 I desperately wanted to become an author. I knew that writing was my passion, but I didn't know the ropes. Instead I spent countless hours watching YouTube, reading books, networking with mainstream authors, and figuring out the process on my own. The journey was rough, but it was well worth it. I started my design company initially, to become an author. It was that source of income I needed to make my dreams happen. In 2015 I created my first book and since then I have successfully self-published 7 books and made Top 100 Bestseller on Amazon for more than 4 months!

These last five years have taught me a few things,

  1. When you set your mind to do something, IT CAN BE DONE
  2. Being an entrepreneur was always my life's dream
  3. This company is what I was built to do!

K. Monie Co has taught me so many life lessons, but more importantly it has taught me how to stick to the plan. I became who I set out to be, but only with starting as an online business owner who specializes in professional writing. I have over 500 customers who absolutely love and support my work! I will continue to provide premier service to all of my customers and can assure you that K. Monie Co is the best in the business and welcome you as family!

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