K. Monie Co



About Us

K. Monie Co was founded in 2014 by Takara James. CEO Takara James wanted to re-create the forefront of successful, online based business, so she created a plan launching K. Monie Co.

Mission: With every digital design & publication, we vow to transform the creative minds of our viewers, clients, and supporters. Our mission is to be innovative, influential, and most importantly a trusting company that you can rely on for creativity, inspiration, and solidity.

Goals: Our goal is to not only be the influence of innovation and design, but to enhance the craft of our future creators. With our systems, software, and abilities, we strive to engage the minds of different artists of any kind, inspiring them to pursue their creative ventures, as we coach them on their path to success. As a company, we value our supporters and customers with a goal of only achieving more success, a more trusting relationship, and a more broad, yet diverse scope of individuals who enjoy amazing stationery and digital designs.