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Welcome to our Tutoring Portal

My name is Takara James & I am a freelance tutor. Below you will find details regarding the services offered, how to sign up, and how your child can be on their way to educational advancements. I have 4+ years of English Education experience. I am also certified in Early Childhood Education & Secondary Education. I have prior tutoring experience for both Early Childhood Education & Secondary Education.


Who Can Apply?

I am currently offering services for grades Pre-K-12th. I specialize in English, Reading Comprehension, and Language Arts, and provide my own coursework materials. All students must provide their existing report card, submit their homework for additional assistance, and complete all materials given to them, which are to be worked on outside of tutoring sessions. In order to be the best Tutoring Assistant, and provide your child/ren with an exceptional education experience, it is imperative that all guidelines and requirements are met.


Services Provided

  • Pre-K - 12th Grade students only
  • Worksheets pertaining to course materials
  • Additional tutoring session homework
  • Activities & coaching materials
  • Flexibility (scheduling)
  • Session Overview (Parents Use Only)