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Have you been struggling to write? Tired of seeking help only to hear someone say "Just Write...?" Trust me when I say, we have heard it all before. The good news is your search for help ends today!

As your writing coach I have compiled a list of worksheets that will kick things into gear for your writing journey. Each sheet has details on how to successfully formulate ideas, characters, plots, and much more!

But wait, there is more! Want a full package to help you be consistent? Check out my writer mentoring package that will help you be consistent and complete that manuscript you've been waiting to put together! Allow me to take this journey with you and help you become a successfully developed writer!

The Writing Coach

The Writing Coach services include one-on-one mentoring from me during your writing journey. This service includes weekly check-ins via email or phone, customized writing goals based on what you are wanting to write about; worksheets to help you formulate ideas and one of the most important, synopsis development.

This package is not only for new authors, but those who have struggled along their writing journey. If you want the extra help or to refine your story, this service is designed specifically for you!

Here is what's included:

  • Weekly check-ins
  • One phone consultation (identifying what you want to write about)
  • Writing goals based on the phone consultation
  • Developmental worksheets to help you start your work
  • One-on-one mentoring as you write your first novel
  • Help with brainstorming ideas, plotting, outlines, characterization, world-building- genre identification and more.

Flat Rate- 500.00
* 100.00 Deposit required to secure your position *
Payment plans are available


Formal & Developmental Editing

Formal & Developmental Editing is one of the most important parts of your writing journey. Here is a detailed outline of what the service includes:

  • Formatting- double space, margin corrections, paragraph separation, etc
  • 10-15 page pass including continuity bridge, character and plot development, plot hole patching, dialog, etc. (three stage pass, 10-15 pages per pass, more depending on calendar availability)
  • Proofread
  • Revise
  • Spelling & Grammar check
  • Literary Mechanics
Upon completion a PDF will be sent including all revisions made along with the final, formatted and critiqued manuscript

*Pricing is based upon word count. Please click the button below to view options*

Genres Specialty

*Education & Training received at University of Phoenix (BA, English)*

  • Fiction
-Fantasy (high, dark, contemporary, heroic, erotic, low, romantic, urban)
-Magical Realism
-Short Story
-Science Fiction (Alternate universe, alien invasion, pulp, fantasy, time travel

  • Nonfiction
-Young Adult
-Children's Literature
-Adult Literature (sexual behavior)
-Narrative/Personal Narrative
-Self Help
-True Crime

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